About Somaliland Coast Guard

tasks and responsibilities of the Somaliland Coast Guard are many and diverse. At present it is the principal agency capable – but with certain sea-going and endurance limitations – to establish situational awareness at sea, provide assistance to seafarers and safeguard against any form of maritime crime within its jurisdiction. By law, it will be mandated to provide – inter alia – the following services to the Nation and the wider maritime community:

Ensuring the safety and the protection of the islands, offshore installations and other structures in the maritime zones.
Contributing to the preservation and protection of the marine environment.
In cooperation with other Somaliland Law Enforcement Agencies assist in border control and discourage and prevent illegal activities in the littoral, such as smuggling of weapons, narcotics and human trafficking.
In cooperation with other Agencies, establish and maintain a Search and Rescue capability at high readiness.
In cooperation with other Agencies and Authorities, and within its mandate, assist in the verification and implementation of maritime regulations at sea and in the ports.
There are many more tasks and associated responsibilities for a Coast Guard organisation. For the short to medium term, and taking into account the current limitations in Operational Capacity to operate at sea under all circumstances, the most important tasks have been prioritised in order to achieve a clear focus: ‘Prioritised Coast Guard Functions’ (see below).

Somaliland Coast Guard Law

The Somaliland Coast Guard Legislation is in the process of ratification. Once adopted the law will legally establish the Coast Guard under the Ministry of Interior and afford it with police powers in relation to crimes within the maritime jurisdiction. Once ratified, the text in Somali and English will be accessible here.

SLCG Mission

The somaliland coast guard is to provide a safe , secure coastline and contribute to words a sustainable maritime environment, by operating 24hours a day along the entire coastline of somaliland to legally enforce somaliland sovereignty ,establish effective maritime domain awareness ,counter maritime crime and ensure the safety ,security and economic wellbeing of somaliland and international maritime communities.

Vision Statement

Supported by international advice and assistance, and assisted by our dedicated ‘Champions for the Somaliland Coast Guard’ within our Ministries, we are set to embark on an arduous journey that will modernise and transform our current organisation into an agile, responsive Coast Guard, properly organised, commanded, equipped and trained to execute our tasks and responsibilities in a professional manner.

It will be a phased approach, following a series of predetermined and agreed milestones. The first phase is to achieve the qualification Limited ‘Initial Operational Capability’ (IOC) not later than the end of 2016. The next phases, which will be determined by mid-2016, are to build on Limited IOC and further invest in capacities to effectively police and protect our maritime domain. We will develop new concepts that will guide our operational activities in the littoral; we will implement an effective command and control organisation that is linked into the other Somaliland law enforcement structures; and not in the least, we will develop logistic concepts that are geared to sustain our organisation using a combination of indigenous and foreign support until such time we are fully self-sustainable.

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