Somaliland has the capacity of both maritime borders and international trade

Since last year Somaliland Coustguard have been taken series trainings about Navigation,boarding,rescue operations and proffional communication so as to work cooperatively and this training is from EUCAP and exploited Unit is coastguard especial unit (RAHANTA).

The major up scaling and Expansion of the Berbera Port in the coming years will make the city a key strategic hub within neighbouring integrated and maritime-facing regional trade network. And, in cooperation with Initiatives such as EUCAP, and in partnership with a variety of bilateral aid partners, including
The UK funded modern operational management software systems (ASAAS), Somaliland is Developing professional and modernized patrol, surveillance, rescue and response capabilities to Guarantee the smooth operation of such maritime trade, in the face of threats such as piracy,Organized crime, and smuggling networks

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